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The Group is principally engaged in hotel operations and hotel consultations and management services and other related businesses.

In 2018, the Group achieved a milestone in its business development. In June 2018, the official opening of the Hazens East Resort which is situated in Xunliaowan of Huizhou and the first resort hotel undly the management of the Group, helped expand the Group's scale andbusiness portfolio.

During the year ended 31 Decemeber 2018, the Group has four leased-and-operated hotels under operation, including three budget hotels and one resort hotels. For budget hotels, The Group focuses on delivering values to budget-conscious hotel guests, such values included stylish design, cleanliness, comfort, friendly service, geographical convenience and safety. When designing the hotels, the Group pays attention on design details as well as placing emphasis on choosing cost effective yet durable building materials which it believes to be indispensable in delivering the aforesaid values to budget conscious travellers. The interior decoration is carefully thought out to create a stylish and modern ambience to the Group’s hotels. Providing comfort to its customers is also one of the Group’s top priorities. The Group’s hotels are budget hotels which use branded mattresses and the beds therein are furnished with fresh, crisp white linen and sumptuous pillows. Each room of the Group’s hotels is also provided with complimentary broadband internet access, air conditioning and a walk-in shower. The locations of the Group’s hotels are strategically selected through a very stringent and detailed process to ensure certain exposure and convenience for the hotel guests.